Thor: Ragnarok

Over the past decade we, like many a nerd family, have watched most of the films that comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Inevitably, though, there have been gaps, which is why it has taken until this weekend for us to get around to seeing Thor: Ragnarok.

How did I manage to leave it for so long? This film is great.

The film, as it’s name suggests, is about Ragnarok, the end of the worlds which, in this case, is destined to be brought about by Hela, Thor’s previously unmentioned sister. I never knew the end of the world could be so much fun. And so funny. This is primarily because director, Taika Waititi wisely avoids letting anything get in the way of the fun.

Consequently, we get to see Thor exiled to a planet that revolves around gladiatorial contests. These contests are overseen by a Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum who is clearly having the time of his life here. Inevitably, Thor gets captured — by a Valkyrie, because where else would you find a Valkyrie — and dropped into the arena, where he is reunited with the Hulk.

Knowing how Avengers: Infinity War opens gives this film something of a fatalistic air as you know how things are going to pan out. But rather than being ponderous, this film manages to remain a huge amout of fun. This comes down to a great set of characters, a superb cast and a plot that recognises just how silly is the idea of spacefaring gods zipping here there and everywhere.

Of the recent crop of Marvel films, Guardians of the Galaxy remains my favourite. But Thor: Ragnarok gives it a damn good run for its money. My only regret is that I didn’t see this on a big screen.