Whistling in the Dark

I mentioned last week that I had been clearing some junk out of the basement and, in doing so, stumbled across a number of my old cassettes. On Wednesday I caught myself humming a tune that I knew (obviously, I was humming it) but couldn’t place.

I have finally managed to identify the song: it’s Whistling in the Dark from the They Might Be Giants album, Flood.

It’s an annoyingly catchy tune that has been buzzing around my mind for most of the week. Now it’s your turn.

Birdhouse in Your Soul

While clearing out some of the junk we still have in the basement, I discovered a box full of cassettes, among which was the They Might Be Giants album, Flood which I bought way back in the 20th Century. It’s been a long long time since I have listened to anything from this band, primarily because all of the music I have from them is on either vinyl or cassette, so my sense of nostalgia took me to the next best thing — You Tube.

It was on YouTube that I discovered that Becky Buller Band have a Bluegrass Country cover of this song that really is quite charming.