Fighting crime, trying to save the world

Everyone must remember The Powerpuff Girls, the most adorable superheroes ever. They were unleasehd on the world at the turn of the milennium and, even though I was probably way too old for this at the time, I was quite a fan.

The surprisingly catchy end theme was written and recorded by Scottish pop-punk band, Bis. Now there’s a metal version, courtesy of The Snake Charmer, who has added the inevitable bagpipes to the mix

Because everything is better with bagpipes.


Led by Dolores O’Riordan’s unique voice, The Cranberries were one of the more successful alternative rock bands to emerge in the 1990s.

In her cover of Zombie, possibly The Cranberries’ most powerful song, The Snake Charmer effectively demonstrates just how powerful an emotional range can be achieved… with bagpipes.

Watch it, it’s superb