Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman

I mentioned Kattenfeest yesterday, but not everything because Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman really deserves a post to himself.

Springtime is a romantic comedy in the tradition of silent films starring Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman and Merel Kamp. The thirty minute show follows the couple from their first meeting until the final “happily ever after”.

On springs.

Both of the characters are suspended from springs and this is what really makes the show into something utterly unique. The springs constrains characters’ movement, forcing them to deliver an exaggerated and often clumsy-looking performance. The fact that they can launch themselves somewhat also expands the slapstick possibilities of the show, something they take full advantage of.

They have taken this show to festivals around Europe and, if you do have the chance to see it I heartily recommend that you do so. It’s a physically impressive and genuinely funny show that is well worth seeing.