An administrative note

I don’t think anyone actually looks at these but, in the site menu here are a bunch of links to IBM i and Linux utilities that I have knocked together over the years. They are useful to me and may be useful to someone else at some point.

However, my habit of throwing each script into a seperate folder, and a seperate repository on GitHub has let to a bit of a mess of tiny repositories. So I have started thinking about consolidating these in the Towel repository (because it’s a tough universe out there).

So far Photog (a photo renaming utility) and killchar (a utility to strip annoying characters from file names) are in there. Others will follow as and when I find the time.

And then I will need to look at repairing or removing the links and static pages on this site.

Photog: A simple photo renaming application

For historical reasons, I tend to rename all the photos I take so that whatever prefix the camera uses is replaced by the date the photo was taken. This makes for a handily consistent naming convention which allows me to easily organise my photos regardless of whether I happen to be using an image manager or not.

I don’t do this renaming manually and have finally gotten around to putting together a Python script to completely automate this process (with thanks to Paolo Bergantino for this answer on Stack Overflow)

The script is very me specific, but it works for photos taken with my devices (Panasonic Lumix camera and HTC Wildfire running stock Android).

As ever, there is a project page here and you can find the source on GitHub. Feel free to take a look, have a tinker, or ignore it completely.