In a rare moment of stillness, our three boys sat down with their cousins long enough for me to point a camera at them. The food probably helped.

Car maintenance for kids

Thursday was a public holiday in both Belgium and Holland and, with my car due to go in for its roadworthiness test on Monday, I took advantage of the sun to clean the car up a bit.

More accurately, I took advantage of the sun to show Macsen how to clean the car up a bit…

In a supervisory capacity…

I while ago, The Register carried a story about a job ad that someone had spotted in Spain. It seems that Husqvarna are looking for a Madrid-based Automatic Lawnmower Supervisor capable of the demanding task of watching the grass grow while the Husqvarna Automower does the work for you.

I think I have found the ideal candidate for the job.

The Boys

April 30th is Koninginnedag, a public holiday in the Netherlands. It’s not a public holiday in Belgium but we cracked out the orange and took a trip across the border. I didn’t take a lot of photos of the festivities, but I do quite like this one of the boys, getting ready to do whatever they’re planning on doing.

And. We’re Back

After a much deserved Easter break, we’re home. The holiday was an all-inclusive one, the most significant part of which was the all-inclusive child-care.

And on the first day there, Macsen found a boat.

Five Today

Today Macsen turned five, and we had a party. As is traditional in Belgium (or this part of Belgium, anyway), the kids came straight from school. We fed them and unleashed them on the back garden.

The clown was invaluable.

As was the cake.

All in all, things went a lot better than I feared. I do find these sorts of things far too stressful, but things seemed to go reasonably well. And the kids enjoyed themselves, which is the main thing.

I mean it about the clown proving invaluable. He really did earn his keep today.


Over the past few months, Terry Pratchett‘s Nomes trilogy has made up most of Macsen’s bedtime stories. It’s not that we’re slow it’s just that every time we finish Wings, we have to go straight back and start reading Truckers again (we’re currently on our third pass through the series).

Earlier today, Macsen was poking around in one of the bookshelves.

It turns out he was stocking up on bedtime stories for the next few months.

We shall see