More fun with APIs

So the application I mentioned on Monday was finally approved late yesterday and, today, it’s written and working. There were, inevitably enough, some changes to the spec. The application that has been approved can be executed once an outage has been started and will send a break message to any session still signed on that shouldn’t be, and generate a simple report so the operations folks can visit the offending users with a baseball bat.

This, in itself, wouldn’t be enough for me to bother reposting the code but since I also took the opportunity to develop the application in RPG (or Free Format ILE RPG if you want to be search engine friendly). Doing this gave me a great deal more flexibility over the earlier CL code and also allowed me to prototype the API names into something a lot more readable. You’ll see what I mean if you take a look at the code.

Again, I have filed off the serial numbers and you can take a look at the code here: Lockout.RPGLE

Feel free to copy it, compile it and modify it if it is of any use to you. And if you have any comments or observations, I’d love to hear them.

I do mean it about the baseball bat, though.