Sunny Days in Geel

Today we went to Geel to buy a new coffee machine. They didn’t have the one we wanted in stock, but we ordered it anyway. So now I have to wait another week.

But since this took us to lunch time…

Here’s a shot of someone who fell asleep in the pub.

Clearly he takes after his father.

Macsen alseep in a bar
Macsen alseep in a bar

Do the Belgians have a sweet tooth?

You decide…

A glass of orange juice with sugar to taste

And finally.

Not even a month old and we’re taking him out to the pub for a drink.

Child drinking in the pub

Four Years


On November 16th 2002 I met a mad Frenchwoman in a bar in Amsterdam.

How do I know she’s mad?

Well, she’s still here for a start.