Duffercast 9: The first Dufferette

Episode 9 of The Duffercast went live today and, unusually for us, we managed to release the sort-of Christmas show sort-of in the right season. Well, our Christmas tree hasn’t been taken down yet.

Two duffers started a discussion. They were later joined by a dufferette and then a third duffer joined in. Why make life simple when we can complicate it.

Go enjoy the dufferdom at Duffercast 9 – The First Dufferette Ever!

The Duffercast is like a bus… You wait for ages and then three turn up at once

I mentioned, earlier this month, that the Duffercast Christmas Special had finally been released, but that was just a start. Ten days ago Duffercast 5 – My Pyjamas Are Calling Me hit the feeds and yesterday your intrepid duffers published Duffercast 6 – I am talking absolute shite tonight.

Duffercast 5 – My Pyjamas Are Calling Me

Four of the duffers gathered to discuss old tech, childhoods, toys, the Cold War and some other stuff. There was music played, too, all under free culture licenses, as usual.

Duffercast 6 – I am talking absolute shite tonight

We can’t count, but we know this is the August Easter special, which will be out by Christmas.

We emit sounds, discuss Scottish independence, Boris Johnson, Belgium, whiskey, and the rarity of Scottish Creative Commons music.

Download, listen and enjoy. You won’t see a frenzy of dufferdom like this until the next one.

The Duffercast episode 1: Physicists Don’t Flirt

And you thought it was safe to go back to your podcatcher.

Four duffers had a faculty meeting.

It went as faculty meetings usually do. Subjects were brought to the fore, matters were discussed, no decisions were made.

In the spirit of the present surveillance era, the duffers forgot to introduce themselves. Resistance is futile. Therefore, we confess the attendants were (in orders of age and innocence): Mikael, Gavin, Paul and Andrew.

Go visit Duffercast 1 – Physicists Don’t Flirt for the rest of the show notes and to download and/or listen to the audiocast.