Vim syntax highlighting for the IBM i

As you may have noticed, some of the personal projects I have mentioned on here have been written for the IBM i. I generally develop these locally in Vim and then copy the source files to a server so that I can compile and test them as and when I have a chance.

I like Vim. When I want to just sit down and get something down, Vim provides a distraction-free environment with a powerful collection of features. One of these features is syntax highlighting, and Vim comes with syntax files for a host of languages as standard. Unfortunately, RPG is not one of the languages supported out of the box.

Inevitably, however, it didn’t take much time with Google to discover that someone else had the same thought as me some time ago. So I must say thank you to Martin Rowe of DBG/400 for this rather gorgeous collection of syntax files.

Some more Bash customisations

Following on from yesterday’s post I have spent a bit of time playing around with the various Bash configuration options. The ArchWiki has proved invaluable in this (especially the Bash and Color Bash Prompt pages). Also worth a mention is nixCraft’s How to: Change / Setup bash custom prompt (PS1) and Bash Shell PS1: 10 Examples from The Geek Stuff.

The upshot of all this is that I have removed my mods out of /etc/profile and into ~/.bashrc. This means that I have a persistent script1 and one that I can easily share by pointing you towards my Configurate repository on GitHub.

1 When I say persistent in this context, I am referring to the fact that I have a seperate /home partition so that anything in /home (like, my data) will remain untouched by any future upgrades or re-installs.