Monza: A car racing board game for kids. And Parents

This weekend was Sinterklaas weekend and one of Macsen’s aquisitions was Monza, a car racing borad game from Haba. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement – the game is superb.

The rules are pretty simple. The board is a three lane race track, each lane made up of coloured sections. Each player rolls six dice and then moves their car around the track by matching the colours on the dice to the colours on the board. According to the box, the game is for children aged five and up but Macsen – aged 4 – had no problem understanding the rules and getting into the excitement of the race.

There is a lot of excitement to be had from this game, mainly because it is superbly paced. The cars hurtle around the track and the design is such that, regardless of the roll, it is very rare that any player becomes completely stuck. This makes for a game that is fast, furious and one that never gets dull.

There isn’t a great deal of strategy involved in this game, but some thought is required to fully optimise your dice so that you can move as far around the track as possible. This is also just enough strategy for me to ensure that each game remains reasonably close.

Overall, Monza is a simple but very well designed game and one that I can see coming out for many weekends to come.