Kruidtuin van Brussel

From where I work it is a five minute walk to Brussel Centraal station, I am trying to incorporate a little more activity into my life. So instead of spending half an hour loitering by the warm baked goods (Mmmm… waffles), I take the 25 minute walk to Brussel Noord instead.

My route includes a walk through the Botanical Garden (Kruidtuin in Dutch, or Jardin Botanique in French).

The Botanical Garden is now an urban park sandwiched by the roads of Brussels’ northern quarter. Thanks to its previous life as a working botanical garden it has kept a mixture of styles (French, Italian and English) and a large variety of trees and plants.

The original garden building is now a cultural centre, which I have not had the time or inclination to investigate. But I do like the statues.




The Barcoded Beast of Brussels

A couple of weeks ago, I was in sunny Florence – three days away ffrom home in order to attend a one-day meeting. In fact, it was a one day meeting that was ultimately cut short to about three hours. I am not a huge fan of business travel at the best of times and this trip was more annoying than most.

In fact, the high point of the journey was when I walked past The Barcoded Beast of Brussels. When you pass the Barcoded Beast of Brussels (on your way to the car park, obviously), you know you have finally returned to civilisation.
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