Three Months

I recently realised that I hadn’t looked at what was on my camera since the twins turned two. So, having spent the best part of the evening sorting them out, here are a few (okay, all) of the better ones.

The Twins Turn Two

And this is the first set of photos, going all the way back to June when the twins turned two.

Cheftastic, or: the time Macsen made a tiramisu

A bit of an interlude this one, but it has to be said that Macsen is very good at making tiramisu.

Kabouterdag in Kasterlee

Sunday, September 9th was Kabouterdag in Kasterlee, a day long celebration of and for the little ones involving stories, activities and a leisurely walk through the Kabouter forest.

The event was remarkably well organised and much fun was had by all.

And finally: Three Kabouters


In a rare moment of stillness, our three boys sat down with their cousins long enough for me to point a camera at them. The food probably helped.

The Boys

April 30th is Koninginnedag, a public holiday in the Netherlands. It’s not a public holiday in Belgium but we cracked out the orange and took a trip across the border. I didn’t take a lot of photos of the festivities, but I do quite like this one of the boys, getting ready to do whatever they’re planning on doing.


One of the toys the twins received when we saw Sinterklaas last Sunday was a drum with a set of shaped holes around the edge. It comes with a set of shaped blocks and the idea is that the kids have to learn to identify which shape goes into which hole.

A nice side-product of this toy is that it’s something on which the twins can work together.

What is not so apparent from the above photo is that, working together, the twins have figured out how to open the drum so that they can fill it without having to faff around with this matching shapes business.