Blood Moon

A couple of evenings ago, as the kids came home, it was dark and the moon was both full and red. Alex decided he had to take a photo of this and rushed in to find a camera. This is the result.

Blood Moon

Not bad for a five year old.


This weekend has been mainly spent cutting wood. After ten years, Eve has finally agreed that a chainsaw would be useful to have (as opposed to occasionally renting one) and I have finally gotten around to taking some of the large, overhanging branches on the oak trees that surround the house.

Of course, I had help.

Next time I might even plug it in.

Backyard camping

What's wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?
21st July is the Belgian National Day and a national holiday. As it falls on a Tuesday this year, many businesses stayed closed on Monday which makes for a four day weekend. And, for the second year running, the holiday weekend saw Macsen heading off for a week-long camp with the local youth group.

Sunday, therefore, was spent carefully following unnecessarily winding roads, followed by a beer and barbecue fuelled send-off for the kids. And, as we returned (along a much more sensible road), the twins announced that they, too, would like to go camping.

Fortunately, we have a tent and, while Monday was a bit miserable weather-wise, Tuesday was perfect camping weather.

The tent is still up and providing a handy bug-proof shelter for outdoor eating.