The Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas make a return

One of the many podcasts that I hugely enjoyed in years gone by was the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, a show that reviewed older science fiction and fantasy films, books and TV series. The hosts were invariably witty, insightful and entertaining and frequently inspired me to go back to books and films from my past.

And then the episodes started to become less and less frequent until January 2012 when episode 48 was released. I had assumed that they had finally faded out until today when I found that Episode 49 had finally turned up in my podcatcher.

Summer and guest host Jez Conolly discuss John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic The Thing, also touching on the novella it’s based on, the original 1951 Howard Hawks Thing From Another World, and the 2011 prequel The Thing.

I shall be listening to this as I drive to work tomorrow. And, if old school SF and fantasy is your thing, I strongly recommend you do the same.

Duffercast 13 – A Pork Pie Sent Him Over The Edge

Episode 13 of The Duffercast is out. Now is your chance to learn about podcrawls and the dangers of pork pies.

I very nearly didn’t make it to this recording as this was the evening that our barbecue collapsed, just as the charcoal had reached the optimal temperature for cooking meat and igniting the wooden platform underneath.

Click here to find the full shownotes and to download the episode to your audio device of choice.

Duffercast 12: Don’t Ask

Good things come to those that wait. Also, episode 12 of the Duffercast has now been released.

As a Swedish proverb says: The wait for something good can never be too long. The duffers are finally back with an episode that was not only recorded, but also published. We sincerely hope the shock is not too great. And if it is, we hope it is pleasant.

Click here to find the full shownotes and to download the episode to your audio device of choice.

In related news, the Duffercast is now part of the Otherside Podcast Network, a community of podcasts from a variety of genres that tend to veer away from the more usual mainstream fare. Shows on the network include – but are not limited to – music, technology and discussions. So take a look, and then start updating your podcatcher.

Duffercast 9: The first Dufferette

Episode 9 of The Duffercast went live today and, unusually for us, we managed to release the sort-of Christmas show sort-of in the right season. Well, our Christmas tree hasn’t been taken down yet.

Two duffers started a discussion. They were later joined by a dufferette and then a third duffer joined in. Why make life simple when we can complicate it.

Go enjoy the dufferdom at Duffercast 9 – The First Dufferette Ever!

The Duffercast is like a bus… You wait for ages and then three turn up at once

I mentioned, earlier this month, that the Duffercast Christmas Special had finally been released, but that was just a start. Ten days ago Duffercast 5 – My Pyjamas Are Calling Me hit the feeds and yesterday your intrepid duffers published Duffercast 6 – I am talking absolute shite tonight.

Duffercast 5 – My Pyjamas Are Calling Me

Four of the duffers gathered to discuss old tech, childhoods, toys, the Cold War and some other stuff. There was music played, too, all under free culture licenses, as usual.

Duffercast 6 – I am talking absolute shite tonight

We can’t count, but we know this is the August Easter special, which will be out by Christmas.

We emit sounds, discuss Scottish independence, Boris Johnson, Belgium, whiskey, and the rarity of Scottish Creative Commons music.

Download, listen and enjoy. You won’t see a frenzy of dufferdom like this until the next one.