In 2018 I have been mostly listening to… Dance Hall Crashers

Not only do I still buy CDs, but I still scrobble them to This means that, at the end of the year I receive an overview of my year in music.

For 2018, this tells me that I have been listening to a lot of ska. The band to which I have spent most time listening is Mustard Plug (no surprises there) but my most played album in 2018 was Honey, I’m Homely! by the Dance Hall Crashers.

This album also provided my most listened to song of 2018, The Truth About Me.

And here it is.

Plastic Bertrand

While looking up something else entirely, I was distracted by an interesting link and ended up on the website of Plastic Bertrand. It’s a name that rang a bell — how could it not — and I had to go and check whether my memory of seeing him on Eurovision sometime in the 1980s was accurate.

It turns out it was:

“Amour, Amour” (“Love, Love”) was the Luxembourgish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987, performed in French by Belgian singer Plastic Bertrand.

I’ll say this for him. He’s aged well

Telephone and Rubber Band

I first encountered The Penguin Cafe Orchestra decades ago, when The South Bank Show was still a thing. The show started with Bean Fields and by the time they played Telephone and Rubber Band I was hooked. So much so that I spent the next few weeks accumulating as much Penguin Cafe Vinyl as I could. And for a band I hadn’t heard before, there was a surprisingly sufficient amount out there.

I used to love browsing record shops.

So here it is, Telephone and Rubber Band.

I have no idea who decided to attach the Metropolis visuals, but it does work remarkable well.

A song for Sunday: Shiny Happy People

Today is the first round1 of voting for the French assembly elections and, because I am consistently amused by the fact that Macron’s La Republique En Marche is often abbreviated to REM, here’s REM with their least REMmy single ever.


  1. Not entirely true. Voting started on 3rd June in French Polynesia and on Sunday 4 June at French diplomatic missions outside the Americas. But for French voters in France, today is the day.

Wow, a saxophone. I’ve always wanted to be in showbiz

It’s 35 years ago that the legendary Pimania was released by Automata and Alan Bilton has published a nostalgia inducing history of the game, the company and the creators.

I remember being caught up in the hype back in the mid-80s. Not only did I buy and failed to complete the (Dragon 32 version) of the game, but I also bought the music cassette. And if memory serves correctly, there was also a comic strip in one of the magazines that I was reading at the time.


A song for Sunday: Smells like a lot of Teen Spirit

From Open Culture:

In July of 2015, 1,000 musicians gathered together in Cesena, Italy and performed in unison a rollicking version of the Foo Fighters’ song “Learn to Fly.”

Now, they’re back and playing the best-known song from Dave Grohl’s earlier band. We’re talking, of course, about Nirvana’s hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Here we are now. Entertain us. Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s largest rock band.