Call Me

In This Moment is an alternative metal band formed in Los Angeles by singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth.

They are still going today and rheir most recent album, Mother, was released last month.

Their cover of Blondie’s Call Me comes from an earlier album. Visually, Brink’s look makes for quite a contrast when compared to the more generic nu-metal stylings of the rest of the band.


Led by Dolores O’Riordan’s unique voice, The Cranberries were one of the more successful alternative rock bands to emerge in the 1990s.

In her cover of Zombie, possibly The Cranberries’ most powerful song, The Snake Charmer effectively demonstrates just how powerful an emotional range can be achieved… with bagpipes.

Watch it, it’s superb

Dragostea Din Tei

Dragostea Din Tei (also known as The Numa Numa Song) was the massively successful single from Moldovan one-hit wonders, O-Zone. It was an admittedly catchy song and, in 2003, became inescapable. There is such a thing as too much catchiness.

Robyn Adele Anderson is a singer with a mission take your (least) favorite pop, rock, and hip-hop songs and give them a vintage makeover.

Her cover of Dragostea Din Tei as a traditional folk tune is not only very good indeed, but also completely changes the song completely.

Road to Nowhere

David Byrne described Road to Nowhere as “a resigned, even joyful look at doom, at our deaths and at the apocalypse… (always looming, folks).”

The Invisibles are “a Postmodern Offbeat (Ska) Band” founded in The Netherlands in 2013, when the singer, composer and arranger Enrico Cioccolini Gotink put together a 14 international musicians’ line-up.

Their version of Road to Nowhere is really rather good.