This could take a while, so if you don’t feel you can face ploughing through my extended waffling feel free to click here for the two paragraph summary.

Back in 1999, while working as an IT contractor, I saw an opportunity in The Netherlands and thought “that sounds interesting”. The job itself was not far from Schiphol, which meant that I could easily commute, by train, from Amsterdam.

It was a fun time and, when that contract came to an end, I started looking around for what else was available and ended up taking a permanent job, a similar commute in a different direction. After moving several times within Amsterdam, I decided I’d had enough of the rental market and bought a house closer to work, got a dog and started to settle down.

At this point, my employer informed me that they wanted to relocate me to their distribution centre in Belgium. While I could see the logic of the move, the timing was abysmal.

But we moved. I moved and my partner also moved to Belgium and moved in with me.

For someone who enjoys both eating and drinking, Belgium is a very pleasant place to find yourself. In fact, we’re so settled here that we now have three sons, all of whom are thoroughly Flemish, and a social life that largely revolves around eating in, eating out and taking children to activities.

I have changed jobs a few times since the move, and am now freelancing again.

I’ve always been a big reader and something of a film nerd and, with the boys all being a bit older, I am finally finding the time again to catch up on my frighteningly large piles of unread books and unwatched films.

I am also a big player of games. Proper games, with people. This is something that goes all the way back to my teenage years and early twenties when I spent far too much time playing role-playing games. While the role-playing has (rather regrettably) fallen by the wayside for me, I do still make time for board and card games — especially of the abstract strategy variety.

And that’s me. Father of three, partner to one, watcher of films, reader of books, player of games and British man living in Belgium and working in Brussels.

This blog is a rather random collection of whatever happens to amuse, interest or infuriate me and exists to provide an outlet for my incessant rambling.