During the pandemic, I developed the habit of going for an hour’s walk every day. Once I was done for the day, I would shut down my laptop, pull on my boots and take myself out to the Totterpad.

Doing this kept me from becoming too unfit while also enjoying some rather nice natural scenery. It also had the additional advantage, while I was working from home, of providing a clear end to the working day.

Unfortunately, I started to fall out of the habit in the middle of 2021 and by the end of last year I’d become so sedentary that I wasn’t even making excuses for myself anymore. This had to change and it will.

On the days that I work from home, I have been dragging myself out of the house (almost) as soon as my working day is done and rediscovering some of my old walking routes. It’s good to get moving again and I have even managed to drag one or more of the kids along with me a couple of times.

I find that I am very much a creature of habit so once I have formed the habit of regularly walking keeping it up will be (relatively) easy. I just need to push myself a bit to form the habit in the first place.

And if I do keep it up, there will almost certainly be photos to follow.

4 thoughts on “Meanderings

  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures Paul. I take Bisto the dog for two walks a day. In the week it’s about a thirty minute walk and then a second one in the evening. At the weekend he gets longer walks

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    1. I would very much like to get another dog, and we certainly have the space for one. The only problem is ensuring that I have enough time to look after one properly.

      One of these days…


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