Slightly better

A couple of weeks ago, The Guardian published an article on 100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying, which is probably perfect for everyone who has already failed to keep up with their New Years resolutions, as well as the rest of us who didn’t even try.

The suggestions are all simple and very easy to implement. While not all of them will be appropriate for everyone, I was surprised at how many of these things I already do.

I particularly liked this one, though:

91 If in doubt, add cheese.

4 thoughts on “Slightly better

  1. Not so sure about #3: “The quickest supermarket queue is always behind the fullest trolley.” That’s not what myscientific research indicates. #5 “Consider going down to four days a week.” Excellent! #83 “Join a local litter-picking group.” I just have! Thanks Paul

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    1. I’m not convinced about #3 either. I generally find the fastest queue is the one with the youngest customers.

      As for #5, my hours were temporarily reduced to 80% at the start of the pandemic. I really enjoyed having an extra day for myself every week and would quite happily have made that permanent.


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