Fully Jabbed

I’m really slacking with this blogging thing at the moment. My last post was five weeks ago and merely mentioned that I’d had my first Pfizer jab. And the most interesting thing that has happened to me since then is that I had my second jab today.

And even that wasn’t very interesting. The process was just as smooth as before and I am not (so far) feeling any side effects. Kudos, though, to the man who brought an eBook with him so that he would have something to do during the fifteen minute post-jab wait. I wish I’d done that.

Tomorrow I can download the CovidSafe app and in a couple of weeks time I will be as CovidSafe as I can be.

18 thoughts on “Fully Jabbed

    1. Thanks 😊

      I’m feeling fine but am finding that I’m not seeing or doing anything that is interesting enough to blog about. Hopefully, with restrictions being eased, I should find more fodder before too long.

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    1. It certainly is. Belgium is doing pretty well at the moment — 80% of the population has had at least one jab and almost 50% are fully vaccinated.

      I just hope that some variant doesn’t emerge over the summer to trigger another lockdown.

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      1. Good to hear! We’re a bit slow on the vaccination front here in Slovenia and our government is already threatening a new lockdown in September. 😭

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  1. I hope you’re ok after it. I had my second Phizer a month ago and had more side effects this time. I like the idea of the guy with the e book. Sadly for me I somehow forgot my phone so the 15 minutes was really awkward lol.

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    1. I don’t appear to have any side-effects at all. My arm ached a bit yesterday, but even that seems okay now.

      I did have my phone with me, but the signal in the waiting area is truly terrible. So when I saw the guy with the e-book I really started kicking myself — I should have thought of that.


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