Jabbed: Part One

I had my first Pfizer jab yesterday and it all went remarkably smoothly — from turning up at the vaccination centre to sitting down in the post-jab waiting room, the whole process only took about ten minutes.

And, after the compulsory 15 minute wait, I went out for a drink, because of course I did.

And in five week’s time I have to do it all over again for the second jab.

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    1. I think it’s a question of different national approaches: The UK tried to get everyone jabbed at least once, whereas Belgium has taken longer in order to ensure people are being jabbed in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.

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    1. I certainly hope we can get back to normal soon. They’re announcing more relaxations today — starting from 9th June restaurants can let people indoors, and new rules about opening up travel are being announced.

      Here comes summer 😀


      1. Exactly, Paul. My mum leaves in Uganda, in a very remote village. I was shocked of the misinformation she gets concerning the vaccine. I had to reassure her that is was safe and the best thing she could do was to get her dose. Very discouraging how misinformation affects even “rational” people. SMH

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  1. Hope you’ve been okay after it, Paul. I had Pfizer too a few weeks ago. I felt all spaced out over it and waiting for my 15 mins to be up. It played up my anxiety in the hope I don’t keep over and become THAT statistic. I’m waiting for my second call up.

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    1. It all went very easily for me. I can’t even claim my upper arm was sore where they injected me — I was aware of it the following day, but only when I was paying attention.

      As for the second dose, they way they do it here is that you book both injections at the same time. So I have known the schedule as far as I’m concerned ever since I received the invitation.


  2. I got my Phizer 25 May and was sore at the injection site but only for a couple days. Other than that, I just felt old and crotchety which is fairly normal 🙂

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