Crisis averted

Long term readers of this blog may remember The Haggis Crisis of 2021 and the news that the British Store online had been forced to suspend taking orders due to Brexit related supply issues.

I have, of course, been watching the site ever since and am inappropriately happy to report that, when I returned home on Wednesday, I found that they had re-opened. Of course, I immediately ordered as much as I could and it all turned up today.

I now intend on spending the rest of the day overdosing on Treacle and Lemon Curd.

7 thoughts on “Crisis averted

  1. While I am absolutely sure that what you are eating is absolutely delightful I must confess to the laughing ugh noise coming from me. But enjoy. I am sure there are things I would eat that would make you go ick. I am just unsure of what. Have a fabulous weekend. And it is always lovely when much needed treats become available again. 🙂

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