I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week or so, both online and off, and there’s a reason for this. On Sunday 9th May — Mother’s Day in Belgium — I discovered, quite spectacularly, that I suffer from hypertension and have just spent the last week and a half in hospital.

This proved to be quite a surprise to me because I never get ill. Over the course of my career I have take a grand total of one day off ill, so I was slightly shocked to be told that I have been suffering from this for the past ten years. The doctors were surprised, too, and I have found myself having to answer several slightly incredulous questions.

The main challenge for the hospital has been finding a combination of drugs that can safely keep my blood pressure withing reasonable levels. Having concluded that the best combination for me is all of them, they have finally let me go.

Not surprisingly, I’ve done very little — well, nothing — while in hospital and have a bit of catching up to do. So if you suddenly see me popping up on week-old blog posts, now you know why.

Take care of yourselves, folks, and make sure you see a doctor more regularly than I do (did). You never know what might be lurking.

13 thoughts on “Hypertension

    1. Much better thanks. The first day was the worst — I simply couldn’t function at all. Since then, it’s been mainly a case of seeing how best to keep my blood pressure under control.

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  1. Sorry to hear this Paul! I hope that this “spectacular” discovery of hypertension was not too traumatic for all involved. I hope the medication does what it’s supposed to, and this problem does not arise again. Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks Denzil. It was quite traumatic at the time. On the Sunday, I was completely unable to function — not even speak coherently — until evening.

      That said, it seems to be under control now and, as long as it stays under control, I should be fine.

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    1. It is sneaky. Apparently I have been suffering from this for about ten years without realising.

      It seems to be under control now — it’s just a case of monitoring the combination of drugs.

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  2. Being new here Paul it seems like it told me I wasn’t already following you, even though thought I was so glad I got this sorted although sorry to hear you ended up in hospital. Did you have a stroke? High blood pressure is scary. Rest up and remove stresses in your life where possible. We only live once.

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    1. Welcome to the blog 🙂

      I did have a stroke and it was very scary indeed. It’s good to be home, though. My blood pressure is still high, but not going through the roof. I’m going to have to keep a close eye on how it develops over the next few days and see what the GP has to say when I see her today.


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