… And Burgers for All

Back in 2014, Belgium decided to tolerate the use of insects as a ‘novel food’. One of the upshots of this was that a nearby zoo started serving insectburgers, and I couldn’t resist. The burgers were nicely meaty, if a bit bland, but they do point towards a much more efficient source of protein.

The insectburger was made from ground mealworms and now these have finally been approved for consumption across the whole of the EU.

The European agricultural strategy ‘From Farm to Fork’ identifies insects as an alternative source of protein that can help make the food system more sustainable.

And we do need to eat more sustainably.

3 thoughts on “… And Burgers for All

  1. I agree. I haven’t tried worms yet, but I have tried crickets. I think cricket flour etc. Could be a good substitute for protein bars, occasional burgers and meat nuggets. It’s not like fried and processed stuff ever actually tastes as the meat it’s made of and if we became more aware of what we eat and how much resources it takes to produce, we would value quality meat much more and wouldn’t overeat it

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