Feels like 2020

With Coronavirus indicators continuing to rise, it came as a surprise to no-one that Belgium is going into lockdown again. This was announced yesterday and the new restrictions take effect on Monday.

The new and tightened rules all amount to reducing the numbers of contacts we have with each other, with aim of having a short, hard lockdown now in order to avoid longer lasting one later.

For us, the main impact is that schools are closed next week. Macsen has end-of-term exams, which are permitted but we will have to wait to hear from the school as to how these will be organised. As for William and Alexandre, we are also waiting to hear from their school whether any online learning will be organised or if they are going to have a three-week Easter break.

Non-essential journeys within Belgium are still allowed and the zoos remain open, so even with these new restrictions we’re not entirely trapped. Just as long as none of us tries to talk to anyone.

10 thoughts on “Feels like 2020

  1. I question the effectiveness of lockdowns in terms of keeping numbers low. Because we’ve seen that numbers will spike each time we open up again. So I think we need to re-invent a new way of dealing with this virus.

    But nobody listens to me. 😐😉

    Good luck, my friend. The kids really are the ones who suffer the most.

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    1. There are no easy answers, are there?

      They are saying, though, that we should see the impact within a week or so of this lockdown, or “Easter Pause” as it is now being called. The aim is quite limited as well — they just want to prevent the numbers rising too fast so that we don’t go into a third wave.

      Hopefully the vaccinations will have a more permanent effect, but the rollout of these is proving to be very slow so far.


  2. Our kids have been back in school now for 2 weeks, another 2 to go, then the levels of the virus will be evaluated and if OK other stuff opens up. Then another 4 weeks and so on until everything is back to being open and we can all visit anyone. Hmmmm.

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    1. Schools were closed here with the first lockdown, last year, but they have been back since the beginning of September. There have been some restrictions on older children but it’s near normal for our lot.

      They’re evaluating things every two weeks here, and trying to slowly open up. But this latest spike has put something of a spanner in those particular works.

      Hopefully this lockdown will have the desired effect and things can start easing up again in April.

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    1. I shouldn’t complain too much. Looking at the specific restrictions here, they are not as harsh as they could be.

      The worst part is that it’s impossible to plan for anything. We didn’t go anywhere last year and this year feels worse because we don’t know how things will look over the next few months.


    1. Having seen the news from the UK, I do think that Belgium has a better handle on this. The government here has tried very hard to stay very consistent and, even though I say “lockdown” it’s more of a step back back from slightly fewer restrictions to slightly more restrictions.

      We can still travel within the country, zoos are still open (although you have to book in advance) and even garden centres and DIY shops are staying open. Even non-essential stores can stay open, but customers have to book ahead for a slot.

      The main impact has been on contact professions such as hairdressers. And, for us, international travel is still not allowed which means we can’t organise — or even plan for — any family get-togethers.


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