On speaking too soon

While rambling yesterday about the Coronavirus, I suggested (not as directly as I thought I had) that the availability of vaccines provided a way out of this pandemic. They do, but there are still delays.

The biggest coronavirus vaccination centre in Belgium, Heysel, did not open its doors on Monday after the delay in deliveries of AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines resulted in hundreds of appointments being cancelled.

AstraZeneca announced last week that it would only be able to deliver 500,000 coronavirus vaccines to Belgium, 200,000 fewer than promised, and Moderna said it would be delivering just 94,800 doses this week, leaving centres with reduced supply.

Then again, this is why any plans we make are very provisional.

5 thoughts on “On speaking too soon

  1. DO.NOT.GET.ME.STARTED. Canada has dropped the ball, again and while I surf twitter where many Americans are proudly posting photos of their vaccination cards, I sit here in the land of opportunity and free health care wondering what in hell Trudeau is doing. So tired of this. They can’t even get the over 80s age bracket done properly – 96yo seniors in wheelchairs lining up outside in a snow storm at a new hospital that is still EMPTY waiting for vaccines and then being told they don’t have them or have run out. Idiocy.

    Just last week I read the 60-64s can go to pharmacies and doctor’s offices this week to get inoculated. They call and are told, sorry, don’t come here, we have no vaccines.


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    1. I really should stop complaining. All of the infrastructure is in place here and people are being vaccinated, the main problem is that we are seeing delays caused by the pharmaceutical companies failing to deliver as much as promised.

      Of course, since I’m going to be at the back of the queue, any delays will affect me (or us) more than people with higher priority.

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