Winter is here

We actually have a decent layer of snow at last. It started snowing on Saturday evening and continued pretty much all the way through Sunday. It’s eased off now, but we are still seeing the occasional flurries.

It’s days like this that I light the fire and appreciate the fact that I am still working from home.

6 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. We finally had some winter here for a while. Just a little bit snow but about 5 below in day and 10 in night. Freezes the ground, which is at it should be. Dry crisp air, especially when sun is shining. A slight bite in face. Quite perfect.

    I envy your open fire. Or is it a stove?

    Pipe and slippers, too? 😉

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    1. It’s much the same here. I don’t think there’s any more snow on the way, but the forecast is for freezing temperatures for the rest of the week so the nice crisp layer is set to last for a bit. It’s quite nice when I go for a walk.

      We have a wood burning stove which throws out an incredible amount of heat. It’s quite toasty once it gets going.

      No pipe yet, and I need new slippers. I should go shopping before all of my socks wear out.


        1. They really are wonderful things. Ours is cast iron as well — I have no idea how old it is, it was in the house when we bought it.


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