Why nuclear power plants are necessary

Petra on The green energy dilemma points out:

We need a constant supply of electricity for the world to function as it does and if we don’t want to burn fossil fuels or biomass which produce emissions, we need nuclear power.

She makes a lot of good points. The full post is a detailed analysis of the state of green energy today and is well worth reading.

I often see environmental campaigners assuming that the world is as they would like it to be, rather than dealing with the world as it is. So it’s always good to see a bit of reality inserted into this discussion.

Most people would agree that renewable energy is the idea, but we are not even close to it being able to supply all of our energy needs. So we do need to look at the alternatives and, of those, nuclear energy is the cleanest and safest alternative available.

Pretending otherwise costs lives.

2 thoughts on “Why nuclear power plants are necessary

  1. Thanks for sharing my thoughts! I’m always trying for realistic perspectives, because otherwise we’re either staying in denial of the problem or reaching for idealised futures and neither of that is actual climate action. I know a lot of people might see this post as a bit negative, but that’s where we’re at, at least in my opinion.

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    1. I don’t think your post is negative at all. If we want to achieve clean energy we do need to start by facing the world as it is, rather than how we would like it to be.

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