A Year in Beer

Untappd is yet another social application, this one aimed at beer drinkers. It allows you to check in what you are drinking and where and note what you thought of it. The social features always feel a bit basic, or maybe it’s just me, but I do find it a useful way of keeping track of beers that I have tried — especially the ones that I drink infrequently and which I can never remember what I thought of.

The app also comes up with an annual year in beer which summarises what I’ve been up to over the year. I could get more data by getting a paid account, but the simple stats are enough for someone as cheap as me.

These tell me that I checked in 153 times in 2020, getting through 31 unique beers. As for preferred beers Brugse Zot Dubbel and Chimay Red top the list for me, with 21 check ins each. Unsurprisingly, the style of beer I drank most is Belgian Dubbel.

It’s when we get to venues that 2020 really shows it’s hand. My most frequented venue this year is “at home”, with a total of 112 check ins and most of the beers I drank came from the local drink shop.

None of this really tells me I didn’t already know. Most of my drinking in the summer was in the garden, either after weeding or during a barbecue, or both; and most of my drinking more recently has been at home with pizza, or a film, or both. I have probably gone through a much more limited selection of styles because I haven’t spent much time in restaurants, and none in bars this year.

It will be interesting to see what my year looks like when Covid is behind us.

6 thoughts on “A Year in Beer

    1. We still have a fair selection of bars nearby, although we’re usually in more family friendly environments when I order a drink.

      That said, this year’s pandemic has meant that beer and pizza has replace most of our evenings out.


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