The Dead Pigeon Mystery

Yesterday evening, Eve informed me that there was a dead pigeon in the chicken run. I had no intention of trying to deal with a bird corpse while it was both dark and raining, but I did promise to get rid of it this morning.

This morning came and went and, shortly after lunch, I went out to deal with the dead pigeon.

It had gone.

So now the question arises as to who might have been sneaking into our garden on Saturday morning to help themselves to a Columbidae corpse.

I have my suspicions.

8 thoughts on “The Dead Pigeon Mystery

  1. Were you certain it was dead? Here we have bobcats and even when they kill somebody’s chicken they leave some feathers or something.


    1. It’s certainly possible that it wasn’t dead, although it would have been quite an impressive recovery to go from looking like a corpse to flying away in less than 24 hours.

      If that was the case, though, it was lucky I didn’t deal with it immediately 😉

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