Synchronize Your Dogmas #5

David Allen Green argues that, in Britain, we need to stop talking about a written constitution. Personally, I think the last four years of Trumpism effectivly demonstrates just how useless a single written document really is when the governing party decides to ignore it.

“So many games, so little time”. Reid Conley considers how FOMO and the cult of the new changed board games.

“Who’d have thought Hawkwind would be the ones to produce the musical chronicle of the pandemic?” James R Turner reviews Carnivorous.

Petra vists Sigtuna, Sweden’s first town and hunts for runestones.

Kevin Lyons looks back at House.

And finally, here’s a short commercial for a Russian cyberfarm

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  1. Love that sky. Lately, (well, since last year actually) I have really been into skies. if you post such a picture, I will sure notice. 🙂

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