Quote of the day: The sore loser, and the malign loser

Trump is a sore loser. But the GOP is a malign loser. We can and should blame Trump for not conceding this election and starting the transition process to the Biden administration. But even more, we should blame and condemn the GOP for supporting and encouraging a position that endangers the county, internally and around the world. It knows better, and simply doesn’t care.

John Scalzi largely sums up my own view on the US election result.

It is, of course, unquestionably good that Joe Biden won this election but, given what we have seen of Trump over the past four years — and what we knew about him back in 2016 — this was unbelievably close. In a sane world, Trump should never had won the Republican nomination, he should not have beaten Clinton and he should have been utterly wiped out electorally this time around.

Biden’s win represents (hopefully) the start of a return to sanity for US politics, but the country still has a long way to go.

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    1. Indeed. He’s a transparently terrible person and yet large numbers of people decided that this was who they wanted as president. It’s really worrying that he got any significant support at all.

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