Brexiter Brexits before Brexit

With the UK becoming the first European country to exceed 50,000 Coronavirus deaths, all attention is focused on the fact that Dominic Cummings has resigned.

He’s intending to be gone by Christmas, which means that none of the Vote Leave campaigners will be left in government by the time that Brexit really starts to bite.

After being instrumental securing the Brexit vote, Cummings then spent years worming his way into the government machine to ensure that his particular vision of Brexit is the one that would be inflicted on the country. Who’d have thought that such a man would want to quit just as Britain enters the sunlit uplands that he’s been orchestrating for so long?

It’s almost as if he’s finally realised just how destructive a path he’s set the country on and has decided to quit before he has to deal with any of the consequences.

Bye, Dominic. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

3 thoughts on “Brexiter Brexits before Brexit

    1. I think some minister or other has already admitted that Brexit is likely to cause problems, haven’t they?

      It’s inevitable. If the government sets out to create delays, then delays will happen. The really stupid thing is that Johnson could have asked to extend the transition period back in June, which would have avoided the worst of the problems he’s created for himself now.

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