Synchronize Your Dogmas #4

Atasha Korecki, Alex Isenstadt, Anita Kumar, Gabby Orr, Christopher Cadelago and Marc Caputo go inside Donald Trump’s 2020 undoing , discussing how Biden prevailed and Trump fell short with 75 insiders.

Businesses are not prepared for Brexit. Christopher Grey explains why the refusal of Brexiters to face reality — both during the referendum campaign and subsequently in government — has made any preparations impossible. On a related note, Tom Hayes considers Brexit and magical thinking.

“The diabolical ironclad beetle, in addition to having one of the coolest names in the animal kingdom, boasts one of the toughest natural exoskeletons.” George Dvorsky explains how this uncrushable beetle can survive being run over by a car.

Did you know that a Venus flytrap can count, sort of? Jennifer Ouellette reports on the secret of how the Venus flytrap “remembers” when it captures prey

Petra visits Örebro and stumbles into Scandinavia’s largest outdoor exhibition of contemporary art.

Back in Belgium, Denzil takes Herman Vandecauter on a 10 km circular walk taking in the Millennium Tower and La Fange de l’Abîme nature reserve.

8 thoughts on “Synchronize Your Dogmas #4

  1. Liked the two Brexit articles, particularly the magical thinking one. No wonder it’s taking so long to find a solution that benefits both sides to the same extent and comparable with the previous one: it doesn’t exist! And thanks for mentioning my walk.


    1. Absolutely. You can’t wish something into existence and until Brexiters start dealing with reality, they are never going to be able to find a solution.

      And you’re welcome. I loved the view from the Millennium Tower — it’s enough to make me overcome my (admittedly very mild) vertigo.

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