Big Mandalorian Iron

I have to admit that I still haven’t seen any of The Mandalorian. We don’t have Disney+ and I’m loathe to start subscribing to a streaming service just for one series, for which I will probably never find the time to actually watch.

Luckily for me, the whole series is summed up rather brilliant in Funk Turkey’s rather brilliant reworking of Marty Robbin’s Big Iron.

7 thoughts on “Big Mandalorian Iron

  1. I don’t have Disney+ either and I must be the only person on the entire planet who doesn’t find the Child cute at all. I hate the idea of these exclusives and when I move into my own place, I’m most likely not going to have any subscriptions to any of these services (if I finish watching everything I want to watch on Netflix by then) All my friends rave about this show but I’ve just been sitting back like, if I were to watch it, I would watch it for the story, not the Child, just don’t make me sign up for another service, I have enough. I used to swear by Disney, but ever since they started doing this, I’ve lost respect for them. They only care about making money now.

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    1. I’ve heard lots of good things about The Mandalorian and would be keen to see the series. But I don’t want to sign up to a streaming service for just one series — we don’t watch a lot of TV anyway so any account will end up being largely unused.

      Hopefully, there will be a DVD release at some point.

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      1. Yeah. Also mad that Disney made the final season of the Clone Wars only on their service. That show was the bomb and I binged it back in the day and now I have to miss out 😡

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        1. You’d be amazed at how much of an issue this has been in our household in the last few weeks. We’ve recently rewatched series 1 to 6 and the unavailability of season 7 has been a major annoyance.

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          1. I bet it is, stupid Disney. Your stuff is universally loved but not everyone wants to subscribe to ANOTHER thing to watch it. Why can’t just everything be on Netflix?

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            1. We don’t have a Netflix account either. It’s not that I object to any specific company, more that I don’t like the streaming model.

              Either everyone finds themselves having to sign up to multiple services, or you have a single service becoming a monopoly. Neither of these are good options.

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