Synchronize Your Dogmas #3

“[A] bold experiment that sadly didn’t click with the public and really deserved a lot better than it got.” Kevin Lyons looks back at Halloween III: Season of the Witch which, for my money, is the best of the Halloween films. This may be because it was the first one that I saw.

“With hunting being a keystone to survival for many highly mobile hunter-gatherer groups, community-wide participation also makes good evolutionary sense.” Annemieke Milks reviews new research that suggests prehistoric women were hunters.

“Social life… is a process of awkward encounters not just with other people but with a reality that is other than we’d like it to be.” Chris Dillow explores Farage’s dangerous appeal. While he’s talking about UK politics here, the general points are very widely applicable.

Petra vistis Postojna cave.

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      I’ve been posting lists of links for a while now and they tend to reflect what I happen to have been reading recently. It is a bit of a coincidence, though, that I’ve linked to you twice in two weeks.

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