I first encountered Babymetal somewhere in 2006 when I stumbled across the video for Gimme Chocolate, and if you haven’t already seen this go and watch it now. I’ll wait.

The band describes their style as “kawaii metal” or “cute metal” and combines some metal instrumentation with the sort of squeaky-voiced melodies that you would normally associate with Japanese pop music. Initially, I reacted to them as I would any novelty band — they were fun but the joke soon wore thin and I moved on.

I encountered them again a few years later and things had changed somewhat, primarily the backing band which were sounding really rather good.

I recently realised that the band has been going for 10 Years, and they’re still evolving and their recently released BxMxC incorporates rap along with everything else. And it’s really good.

So if you ever wanted to know what cute Japanese nu-metal sounded like, you’re welcome.

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  1. One of my friends loves Babymetal, they’ve even attracted the attention of well-known metal stars including Corey Taylor and the members of Metallica.

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