Synchronize Your Dogmas #2

It’s Halloween and things are weird and wild over at Den of Geek. From Mike Cecchini we have the wild history of Dog Soldiers, the most action packed werewolf movie ever made and Gene Ching gives us the weird history of A Chinese Ghost Story franchise: horror comedy at its wildest.

We all have cognitive biases, mental short-cuts that help us get through the day, but we need to be aware of them because they affect our reasoning and lead us to misinterpret information. Mark Manson summarises the cognitive biases that make us all terrible people.

Peter Kellner considers Brexit and the dismal reality of “Take Back Control” and concludes that the UK may have to spend some years learning hard lessons about the way today’s interconnected world works.

James Randi died recently. Chris French reflects on the passing of The Amazing Randi.

Kevin Lyons looks back at Dellamorte Dellamore.

And finally, Petra, the Erratic Engineeress blogs about a Neanderthal flute from Slovenia, which is the oldest known musical instrument. And this is what it sounds like:

4 thoughts on “Synchronize Your Dogmas #2

    1. I really enjoyed Dog Soldiers. For me, it was a really effective action horror film and the werewolves were very well realised and made for some wonderfully vicious monsters.

      And the falling cow made me jump 😉

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