Not a lockdown

Last week Belgium’s federal government announced a new set of restrictions in the face of ever rising coronavirus numbers. This was followed by regional restrictions in Wallonia and Brussels. And now Flanders has finally caught up.

New restrictions coming into force on Friday including the closure of cinemas and all other cultural venues.

The biggest effect on us will a ban on all amateur sport for anyone over 12, which also applies to youth groups and other activities for the over twelves. This is going to be hard for us since our oldest boy is going to be severely restricted by this while the twins, aged ten, will be largely unaffected.

The worst part, though, is that there is currently no indication as to how long the restrictions will remain in place.

While the various politicians keep saying that they don’t want to implement another lockdown, it does feel very much as if we’re edging closer and closer to one without anyone being willing to admit it.

I have seen various virologists calling for a short (four week) lockdown now in order to avoid a never-ending semi-lockdown which is just going to exhaust, frustrate and confuse people. I have to admit that I find myself increasingly in agreement with this view.

Another lockdown wouldn’t be any fun, but it would give us all a bit of clarity and would, ultimately, be less draining than the endless tweaking of rules we are currently seeing.

Another lockdown has been mooted already. Belgium is currently the worst hit country in the EU. The government needs to bite the bullet and implement a consistent lockdown before it becomes too late.

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