Lockdown Looming

Even with restrictions being tightened, starting yesterday, things are going to get worse before they get better:

Belgium will not reach its peak number of coronavirus infections until at least a week, if not 10 days from now, with a difficult four weeks fighting the virus ahead, experts have warned.

The new measures include Belgium’s first national curfew since the war and, in Flanders, schools are moving to Code Orange.

This means more restrictions, a suspension of extra-curricula activities, staggered timings to keep classes separate from each other and an option for schools to introduce distance learning for some classes.

According to the newly appointed Government Commissioner for Covid-19, Pedro Faco, the situation is serious but not desperate. He also says that the government doesn’t want another lockdown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one is announced before Christmas.

For now, though, all we can do is hunker down and hope for the best.

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    1. The curfew doesn’t directly affect me because it’s very unlikely that I will be out after midnight, but it does bring home just how serious this is.

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