You can never have too many methods for making coffee, which is why I now have an Aeropress. I haven’t used it a lot, as yet, but I am quite impressed so far.

The device is similar to a cafetière (also known as a French press) in that you steep the coffee in water and then use a plunger to separate the grounds. The difference is that the plunger uses an airtight seal to push the coffee through a filter (which captures the grounds) straight into a mug.

The manufacturer claims that this brews an espresso strength coffee, which it probably does albeit a very small espresso.

The main selling point for the Aeropress, though, is the convenience it offers, allowing you to make a decent cup of coffee in about 30 seconds. You simply pour hot water over the coffee, stir, plunge and you’re done.

Cleaning it is a doddle, too — once you’ve plunged the used coffee into a bin, all that’s needed is a quick rinse and it’s ready to use again.

In terms of the actual coffee, it’s not bad. It doesn’t match the moka pot for the efficient delivery of a full flavour caffeine overdose, but it does make for a quick and decent cup of coffee that can be drunk throughout the day.

I need to experiment with the device a bit more, probably a lot more, but I can certainly see it becoming a welcome addition to my caffeinated lifestyle.

9 thoughts on “Aeropress

  1. Love my aeropress. Stove top all day if I have time but the days I oversleep (which are often) the aeropress insures I still start the day with a good cup of coffee.

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    1. Oversleeping isn’t too much of a problem for me when I’m working from home. But I can see how useful the aeropress will be when I start commuting again.


  2. My first cup of coffee every morning is made with an aeropress. Love it, it does a great job. Look up how to use it upside down or inverted. It gives a longer brewing time so a stronger coffee.

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