Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)

Back in the summer of 2016 we went back to the UK to visit my parents in Wales. What was unusual was that we wanted to fit a wedding in the Midlands into the itinerary. Our solution was to sail overnight from Zeebrugge to Hull instead of taking the usual, and much quicker, Dover to Calais route.

The crossing went really well and the boys, especially the twins, were not only thrilled at being able to sleep on a boat, but also managed to sleep almost as soundly as I do. So much so that they still talk about it to this day, and we keep saying that we will do the North Sea crossing again just as soon as we can fit it around everything else.

Brexit and Covid-19, however, have conspired to put something of a fly in the ointment, however, leading P&O Ferries to announce it will end its crossing between Zeebrugge and Hull in April.

All is not lost, though:

The company’s more popular Rotterdam-Hull route, however, will continue.

So, since I usually post a song on Sundays, here’s The Beautiful South