Five Things #47

“Nearly six years before the first issue of the evergreen and still-wildly-popular Judge Dredd Megazine — a series celebrating its 30th anniversary this month — Dredd’s then-publisher IPC Magazines tried its hand at a Judge Dredd spin-off with the straight-forward name Judge Dredd Fortnightly”. Chloe Maveal looks back at The Megazine that never was.

Germain Lussier asks why isn’t Close Encounters considered Steven Spielberg’s ultimate masterpiece? Because it kind of is. It’s been far too long since I last watched this, which is something I really should rectify.

In 2018 a down-on-his-luck headbanger fabricated a persona, faked a tour, and promoted himself as a hard-rock saviour. David Kushner reports on The Great Heavy Metal Hoax.

With momentum finally starting to build towards an eventual coalition, Maïthé Chini explains the basics of Belgium’s government formation.

Denzil goes cycling around Hainaut Province and enjoys lunch at the brewery Abbaye des Rocs.