Don’t hold your breath…

But Belgium might actually achieve a government. After much drama, many false starts and almost two years…

Efforts to form a new Belgian government are back on track tonight after Francophone liberal leader Georges-Louis Bouchez agreed to the conditions set by preformateurs Egbert Lachaert (Flemish liberal) and Conner Rousseau (Flemish socialist) with regard to the texts that will form the basis of formal coalition talks.

The seven parties currently involved in preliminary negotiations to form a government have finally reached a broad agreement on a government programme. Now they just need to thrash out the details.

The current caretaker government has been given until 1st October which means that formateurs, Alexander De Croo and Paul Magnette have a week to get everything nailed down.

Ooh. It’s exciting!

2 thoughts on “Don’t hold your breath…

    1. The country does tick along reasonably well for the most part. The problem is that the caretaker government that is currently in power does have limited powers and these aren’t going to last indefinitely, not least because the parties that came out on top in the election aren’t part of the temporary administration.

      So there is a time limit, and time is running out before everyone throws in the towel and calls for another election.

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