Not another one!

There’s another tropical spell coming up next week

Early next week, temperatures are expected to rise to 30 Celsius and more as we are heading towards another tropical spell, this time in autumn.

It’s September. We’re not supposed to have heatwaves in September!

Admittedly, 20 to 25 Celsius isn’t so bad for the weekend and does mean that I will get a lot more weeding done than I expected. And we can set the boys harvesting some of the pears that are looking ready to drop.

Thirty degrees, though, and on a Monday. That’s too much.

If I suddenly go quiet next week, it will be because I’ve melted.

6 thoughts on “Not another one!

  1. It’s cold here. Dry and sunny, and warm enough to be without a jacket during the middle part of the day, but quite cool in mornings and evenings. Typical fall weather for Toronto. Incidentally this is the exact recipe we need for the colours on the trees to be so bright and bold. So, I’m not complaining. 🙂


    1. That pretty much describes the weather here last week. I was having to pull on a sweater when I went out in the morning, but was warm enough not to need it by the time I got home.

      But we’re coming into autumn. It should be getting colder, not warmer. 😒

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  2. How does pear fair in the heatwave? I buy avocado at a local farm, and their produce has been destroyed from the heatwave California has been experiencing, but thankfully, your fruit sounds like it is in good shape .:)


    1. The pears have come up really well. We started harvesting them today and they’re delicious.

      It’s the berries that seam to struggle most when it gets too hot. Last year they all dried out before we could harvest them. They did better this year but I think much of that is because we didn’t go anywhere on holiday so I was able to keep a much closer eye on them.

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