Quote of the day: A country that cheats at cards

But either way, setting ourselves up as the country you really can’t trust seems an eccentric way to launch a new era of global dealmaking. I know some on the UK government’s side have long sought to characterise these negotiations as the righteous Jedi (them) versus the nefarious Trade Federation (the EU). But this has long indicated that the Star Wars franchise is just one more thing they don’t understand.

Marina Hyde on the UK Government’s utterly bizarre plan to break international law because they didn’t understand the Withdrawal agreement that they negotiated.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day: A country that cheats at cards

    1. You have a good point.

      My first thought was that, if the government is willing to break legally binding treaties before they are even implented, then no other country is going to want negotiate anything with them because they can’t be trusted. So we can forget about all these much vaunted trade deals the Brexiters were talking about at one point.


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