Five Things #44

Tom Hayes notes that a “No-Deal” Brexit looms ever closer and considers some of the consequences. It should be noted that Brexit has already happened and this about whether the UK government decides to sign a trade deal or crash the economy.

Chris Grey goes back to school to remind us that, for all the drama surrounding Brexit (in the UK, the EU lost interest long ago), the same themes come up over and over again, the main one being that Brexiters will never be satisfied because their fantasies will never become reality.

“If the financial crisis taught us that we had become too efficient with our transactions, what of the COVID-19 pandemic?” Barry Schwartz argues that efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better.

Chris Dillow on Marxist Tories argues that the activities of the current government suggest they have a very dark opinion of capitalism.

Nick Tyrone argues that the big problem with cancel culture is that it fails spectacularly at achieving the objectives of its proponants.