Roll For It!

Roll For It! is a wonderfully simple game of rolling dice and collecting cards. It takes almost no time to set up, is quick to play and provides a great way to keep a family entertained for twenty minutes.

What you get in the (small and very portable) box is 30 cards and four sets of six dice (each set being a different colour).

To set up the game, you shuffle the cards and draw three which are placed face up in the middle of the table. Then each player picks a set of six dice in their preferred colour.

Each player then takes turns to roll all of their available dice. Any dice that match the dice pictures on any of the cards can be placed on the pictures. Once you have matched all of the pictures on the card, then you take the card. Each card has a score printed at the bottom and you have taken enough cards to score 40 points, you win.

The one thing you have to be careful of, though, is that once you have placed a dice on a card, you can’t roll it again until the card is taken (either by you or someone else). You have to be careful, therefore, that you still have enough dice to actually take the cards you have matched so far.

It’s quite a tactical game and one that is largely driven by the dice rolls — you roll the dice and then decide which cards to go for — and this makes for a quick and easy game that anyone can jump straight into.

The simplicity of the game means that it doesn’t really stand up to repeated plays, but for a quick game which everyone can enjoy, it’s a great way to pass a bit of time.

Also, the box lid is just the right size to use as a rolling tray and helps avoid having to stop the game to hunt for over-enthusiastically launched dice.

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