I can see again!

One positive note from not working on Fridays is that I now have time to do some of the things that I really should have done long ago. Like getting my eyes tested.

My shortsightedness doesn’t change much but the last time I saw the inside of an optician was about eight years ago. And that one wasn’t very good and closed down shortly afterwards.

So, whileI have been meaning to get my eyes checked for a while, it hasn’t been a priority and finding an optician that is open when I am able to visit has proved something of a challenge. This has solved itself with my being at home on Fridays and, with various promotions available in August I not only had my eyes tested but also ordered three pairs for the price of one and a half (roughly).

Today I picked up the glasses and… I can see again!

I have finally had to accept that I am now old enough to need varifocal lenses and, while I am still getting used to them, I’m surprised at just how much clearer everything has suddenly become.

Hopefully, though, this will mean I spend less time with glasses off and hunched over a laptop.

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